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Double Blind

Double Blind is a project about a community of blind people living in a building in Johannesburg downtown. Most of them are beggars (as they call themselves) living in a few square meters with their families. The idea, the message behind this work is simple and significant, as a dive in the dark. A journey in the dark. My attempt, probably the attempt of all my work, consists in finding the big in the small, a minimum common denominator that could

be able to show as the pattern in which we all live. This work is a reflection on archetypes that run in parallel with the History of the human being.

During the times of the COVID-19 where people keep their distance and avoid contact with surfaces, the blind have found themselves cut off from a key navigator, so even more isolated from the rest of the world. They are literally Double Blind.

This is a story about a small community living in their personal oblio. I bring them back to the memory just for an instant.